The Green Smoothie and Juicing Bundle: Over 60 of the Tastiest Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Over 60 Delicious Green Smoothie & Juicing Recipes to Destroy Fat! Plus 5 Bonus Books

Learn How Green Smoothies & Juicing are the Best Kept Secrets to Losing Weight!

Have you struggled to shake off that unwanted fat? Or, do you drop the weight only to have it come back time and again? Then, “The Green Smoothie & Juicing Bundle” has exactly what you’ve needed all along!

The Green Smoothie & Juicing Bundle includes:

  • Over 30 different, green smoothie recipes
  • Over 30 different juicer recipes for fruit and vegetable blends
  • How to get all of the USDA’s recommended daily intake for vegetables and fruits
  • What food is ideal to make the best beverage
  • How to thicken a smoothie to your preference
  • How to prepare the vegetables and fruits
  • What amounts of food makes the best beverage
  • An understanding of why green smoothies & juicing is so effective for weight loss
  • How to get the most from every glass for losing weight
  • Tips to alter flavors to your taste
  • Advice on how to save money when juicing
  • Recipes that will suit all dietary lifestyles – vegans, and vegetarians
  • PLUS 5 Bonus Books to motivate, inspire and entertain! (Kindle exclusive)
  • And, much more!

Included in this book is a glossary of ingredients that explains the benefits and how to utilize each recipe best. This glossary of ingredients gives a better understanding of why each fruit or vegetable is ideal for losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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