The GREEN JUICE RECIPE BOOK FOR YOUR Kids & FAMILY HEALTH.: Simple & Delicious Recipes to Get Your 5-A-DAY EVERY DAY!

ITS SIMPLE,… IF YOU WANT YOUR KIDS AND FAMILY TO GET YOUR 5 – A DAY…..THEN READ THIS BOOK! From #1 BEST SELLING AUTHOR Oliver Michaels THE GREEN JUICE Recipe Book For Your KIDS & FAMILY HEALTH. Simple & Delicious Recipes To Get Their 5 – A Day… EVERY DAY! This is not just a recipe book but an amazing guide to change your FAMILIES future, health and happiness. Review “SIMPLY AMAZING”… LD in UK. “THIS BOOK REALLY IS A PARENTS MUST HAVE! JR in UK. I got the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Nutri Juicer Plus. “WELL DONE OLIVER, THIS IS THE BEST PURCHASE IVE MADE IN A LONG TIME… GS USA. “COMING OUT WITH A BOOK THAT CAN BE USED TO BENEFIT THE HEALTH OF OUR FAMILY IS JUST AMAZING…THANK YOU”… JULIA ..NY



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