Juicing With Kids: Your Guide to Family-Friendly Juicing

Amazon Bestselling Author and Nutrition Guru M.D. Evans brings you this fun and easy-to-follow guide. It includes everything you need to know to begin juicing with your kids!

The importance of child nutrition cannot be overstated. It’s vital for healthy development, energy, concentration and wellness. Yet it’s more difficult than ever to get our busy, picky children to eat the fruits and vegetables their bodies desperately need. Juicing provides an achievable solution for improved child nutrition that any parent can implement.

In this guide, you’ll get tips for SAFE and EFFECTIVE juicing specific to children’s needs. Learn precautions every parent should know about juicing, and get tried and true methods for helping your children to fall in love with juicing too! You’ll also get our 20 favorite juice recipes for kids, and healing juice recipes “Dr. Mom” will appreciate.


  • How to find the best family-friendly juicer
  • How to pick the perfect produce for your kids
  • The money-saving secret for clean juicing for your kids
  • The Six Simple Steps for making juice with your kids

Pick up your copy of “Juicing With Kids” to start your journey today. Happy Juicing!



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