Juicing for Restless Leg Syndrome: How I Treated My RLS by Juicing!

Restless Legs Syndrome & how I cured my own by juicing

You may know it as: 

• Fidgety Legs, 
• Night Thrashers, 
• The Creepy Crawlies Legs, 
• Jumpy Legs, 
• The Crawlies, 
• Edgy Legs, 
• Bugs in the bones, 
• Night crawls, 
• Bugs crawling in my legs at night, 
• That Icky Twitchy Leg Thing, 
• Wretched limb syndrome, 
• Racing legs, 
• The Jiggies, 
• Night Time Jitterbug, 
• Elvis legs, 
• Ant Legs, 
• Legitis, 
• or any other common names of the condition. 

The cause of Restless Leg Syndrome is not very well understood. It is known that there may be a genetic link, and it is also known that pregnant women are far more likely to suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). There are even a few diseases that make someone more prone to get RLS like diabetes or renal failure. However, there are a large number of cases where RLS affects otherwise healthy human beings. 

My RLS Story

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, she suffered RLS. For some reason, so did I at the time. It was a horrible sensation that made it near impossible to sleep. I was a man on a mission, researching and delving into medical literature. I found out that there are some common vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may be causing the problem. When you look at our modern diet, you can see why deficiencies occur. OK; I hear what your saying. You eat fruit and vegetables and still have RLS. Well, if I told you that the levels of minerals in our fresh produce have been dropping over the years. In 1930, an average carrot had 20mg zinc. In 1988 that dropped to 10mg. Current estimates suggests this may be as low as 2mg today. And it’s not just zinc that is being depleted. Essentially, the fruit and vegetables we buy today have less nutrients in them than those our parents ate. 

The fact that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause Restless leg syndrome is actually a good thing for sufferers, because deficiencies can be fixed. In this book, I’ll show you the dietary changes I made to cure my own Restless legs syndrome. I did it by juicing certain combinations of fruit and vegetables, and I haven’t had RLS since (though I now juice on a daily basis). Why juicing? Simply that we can get larger quantities of nutrients than by eating the food.



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