Homemade Juicing: Amazing Facts About Juicing (Amazing Juices)

You can find recipes for juicing almost everywhere and at any time. You can see them in newspapers, magazines and on the Web. But there will be times that making a recipe yourself can be more fun. There are even those who have quite the unique pallet that the usual recipe just does not appeal to them in any way at all. Whatever reasons you might have though, creating recipes of your own is really simple, aside from the fact that it can be quite a fun thing to do. There are some who enjoy drinking juice straight up while there are those who prefer smoothies. What’s your reason for juicing? Are you trying to prevent getting sick? Curing an illness? Are you planning on losing weight? Once you answer questions such as these, making up your own recipes for juicing can and will be much simpler for you to do. Why ask these questions? There are a lot of nutrients that fruits and vegetables contain and knowing what to look for is the key to making your recipes for juicing. For example, do you want to have higher energy levels? Fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C definitely help. Are you planning something that can fight asthma? Why not go for those that have high folic acid content? Knowing what fruits and vegetables are rich in such a nutrient will really help. Knowing what vitamins as well as minerals are found in what fruits and vegetables is going to be the basis for your recipes for juicing. Try spending a bit of time knowing the benefits of the various vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Also, consider what taste you’ll be going for. Know if you’re looking for what’s sweet and/or sour, among others. Would you like something that has some bite or something that tastes and feels smooth? The following are just a couple of recipes for juicing that you can do: 1. Veggie juice – You are going to need the following for this: – 1 beet – 1 stalk of celery – 2 Swiss chard leaves – 3 carrots – 3 watercress sprigs Just wash each of the vegetables with some veggie wash then rinse them with clean water. After doing so, simply juice them 2. Veggie-apple juice – You will be needing the following: – A½ beet – 2 green apples – 2 kale leaves – 2 carrots Place the kale inside the juicer first then add the others to help push it down. You could also squeeze a bit of fresh lemon into the juice if you want a bit of that sour taste. Get lots more in my book!



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