Healthy Smoothies for Kids


Preparing Smoothies is one of the ways to make our children take more fruits. It is not always the panacea, but often works! You can use any fruit. Add your frozen fruit smoothie to the remains tasty too cool for school. Frozen fruit you buy in the supermarket, but also of course. I stop to brown bananas from our fruit basket peeled broken in half in a bag in the freezer. So I always have a frozen banana at hand. And brown bananas contain lots of natural sugars.


Recipes smoothies for children


One banana, cut into chunks

One mango, roughly chopped

50 Gram raspberries

50 Gram strawberries

250ml almond milk (unsweetened)

One teaspoon of honey


What to do

Mix fruit and vegetables

Put everything in a blender, blend well and then pour them! If you find the smoothie something too thick, then add some extra almond milk in the blender.

Need Inspiration for children fruit smoothies. Do not bother too smoothie recipes, but trust your instincts and what you have in your home regarding fruit. You can do almost anything combine in a blender.  Smoothies are in our house always made with what else is in the house. So I now have for example a small bowl of grapes, kiwi, and apple.  This goes in the blender with some grated coconut there and a few mint leaves.

Put another banana, and it is also delicious creamy for a child.  Especially in the summer, there is an abundance of delicious juicy and sweet fruit, use ripe fruit into your smoothie, and you have a pure, naturally sweet drink for kids. Put some bananas and strawberries in the freezer; this can be added with other fruits. So you’re right a chilled smoothie. From a smoothie, you can also make a good breakfast with some oatmeal to add. Do you have a tricky vegetable eater at home? Hide than once vegetables in fruit smoothies!

Combine avocado with banana and strawberry, Carrot, pear, and banana. Always choose something light sweet vegetables and mix it with at least a banana and other fruit species. If it is not from vegetable-like look make sure that you always red fruit puree it.


Add Milk to the Smoothies

Instead of making use of milk, you can also use vegetable milk and yogurts. Think of soya, but especially almond and hazelnut milk are what is mostly used. Many kids love this silky and of itself sweet-tasting milk types. And it’s very healthy for them. You also do not always use milk. For example, watermelon used then you need to add more moisture. This makes it tasty, such a shake of ice-cold watermelon with mint and blueberries. Or do you just add some water or coconut water to the fruit? Sugar is not usually added to sweet smoothies.  It is not important to use a ripped fruit. But if you still want very fresh smoothies you can use honey.



Smoothies can also freeze well, such as bags of ice cubes. This is convenient and practical as you once did not so much time. Of course, you can also use frozen fruit and vegetables to make a smoothie. That is long lasting and all nice and cold. Smoothies can also freeze. Ice cubes, for example in bags. If you once want one serving, use the frozen cubes before. Very handy!

And the best tip of all: put children on the counter if you’re going to make fruit smoothies! They find it unwise fun to do everything in the blender and blend your own. And the probability is quite high that they drink it more since they also prepare it with you.







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