Detox green Smoothie with Chia seeds


Drinking green smoothies is not that pleasant. Let’s face it; it’s green and bitter. in case you need green smoothies to detoxify your body, then continue reading. Detox green smoothie mix with Chia seeds, pineapple, and banana, makes it sweet. To make it super creamy, you will need to add milk. But i think it’s more nutritious without adding honey and healthier with Chia seed that has protein. if you have not try Chia before now, your smoothies might be lacking in a significant protein source, because Chia is a superfood from above. A spoon of Chia seeds offers you a lot of health benefits antioxidants, tremendous energy, fiber and metabolism boost, which makes it a perfect meal for you.

A healthy alternative for breakfast is the green smoothie with Chia seeds. This superfood was eaten thousands of years ago by the Mayans and Aztecs and rich in energy, gave a very satisfying feeling and packed with healthy nutrients. They are rich in vitamins (e.g. vitamin a), minerals (among other things, calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, and manganese), proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, fiber, and antioxidants. Now more foods are containing these nutrients, but Chia seeds as to the nutritional a true superfood. A Chia seed contains per gram include: 1400% more magnesium than broccoli.
Contains 800% phosphorus than the fresh milk
600% more omega-3 fats than Atlantic salmon.
500% more calcium than the raw milk.
500% more protein than kidney beans.
300% more selenium than flax seed.
300% more iron than fresh spinach.
100% more potassium than bananas.
100% more fiber than bran.

Chia seeds are high in fiber and absorb a lot of water, making the inclusion of carbohydrates is delayed in the bloodstream, and the appetite is inhibited. chia seeds also inhibit the need for sugars occasionally they increase may affect the sensitivity to insulin, thereby balancing blood sugar and hormone balance and can thus contribute to weight loss. Of course, you can choose the best organic chia seeds with your smoothies, because you are sure that there are no pesticides in it that are harmful to the body. chia seeds are not only with your smoothies at breakfast, but you can also mix them in salads or dishes, shakes, juices, nuts, spreads, sauces, soups, stir. And if you chia seeds soaked in water (+/- 150 ml per 15 grams of chia seed) it forms a gel-like substance that forms an ideal base for, among other things.

Here is the energy breakdown:
• one cup of spinach: this contains 12 calories
• one cup of almond milk: it’s about 30 calories
• one cup blended pineapple: with 100 calories
• One banana: with about 90 calories
• one tablespoon of chia seeds: with 40 calories
Total of 272 calories
This type of breakfast will keep you full for hours.


Fancy a quick, energy-rich and filling breakfast with chia seeds and smoothies? Below you’ll find one or two recipes you can put together with chia:
One cup spinach leaves
One banana, cut into pieces
One cup froze pineapple chunks
One tablespoon of chia seeds
One cup of almond milk and you can add strawberry and other things you will love to add.



Add all ingredient together in a blender until it’s a smoothie. You can also add the milk if you wish and put cinnamon and vanilla powder in it, then your smoothies with chia seed is ready. If this is somewhat too “green” for you, then you can always add more apples, blueberries or some blend the juice with a banana. This authentic smoothie is a huge boost for the immune system and even helps to lose weight in a healthy way. The smoothie is excellent for athletes. And smoothie contains antioxidants and amino acids by the superfood ingredients.






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