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Can I Grow Taller If I Skip Breakfast? – Nutrition You Should Have to Grow Taller 4 Smarts

Do you prefer a hearty breakfast or a light morning bite to grow taller in good health? A big meal at lunchtime or at dinner? Snacks or no snacks? Three meals a day or several mini-meals? No approach is healthier than having breakfast if you follow your personal guidelines to grow taller 4 smart eating to and healthful living overall. That said, one meal, one snack, or one day of less healthful food choices or high-calorie eating […]

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The Joy of Juicing, 3rd Edition: 150 imaginative, healthful juicing recipes for drinks, soups, salads, sauces, entrees, and desserts

A new edition of a research-backed nutritional program using juicing to help prevent and reverse disease and cell damage, from New York Times–bestselling author and renowned health expert. For more than thirty-five years, Gary Null has been one of the foremost voices in the health movement. In The Joy of Juicing, 3rd Edition, he advises readers how to use fresh juice to cleanse and detoxify their bodies. Null provides extensive research showing how accessing natural substances in […]

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Juicing for Weight Loss: A Simple 4-Week Plan to Finally Ditch the Pounds Forever!

Why do you need 50 or even 100 juice recipes when all you need is a FEW SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE juice recipes to help you lose weight FOREVER? Author Jessica Lee struggled with being “chubby” during her teens. After 2 pregnancies, including a twin pregnancy, she couldn’t ditch that 30 pounds of weight no matter what she tried – drugs, supplements, exercise, fad diets… in fact she gained more weight than before she started trying! The 4-Week Plan: […]

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